A way to express your style with unique, quality products. For many people, style is just a simple word, for others it is everything. This is the case for me. It was about time to express my true love for fashion.

All began when I was a student at the University. I could not afford to buy expensive designer clothes, so I started thinking about making my own clothes, with less money but more imagination. I was visiting my local tailors for months, in order to find ways that would cover my needs without compromising on quality. The results became evident, not only to close friends but to people that I didn’t even know. I thought of getting this to a next level. To set up my own fashion label and start a business.

This is where we are now and this is how the idea for my own label i-clothing came up. The i- stands for my name Ioannis. i- also comes from the word mine, my own, like the clothes you wear, they totally belong to you and allow you to express yourself.

Our company’s target is to offer a unique style which comes with a guaranteed value for money. For us, everyone is can be and feel special. Back in September 2013, the first i-clothing product was created in my hometown, Thessaloniki. In the beginning, we started cooperating with local stores and now we are an international brand, which is characterized by its long-line clothes and minimal style, that guarantees a unique look for every occasion.